500 ohm resistor 500 ohm resistor color code

500 ohm resistor 500 ohm resistor color code
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500 ohm resistor 500 ohm resistor color code

500 ohm resistor color code: green, black, brown and gold.

The color ring mark of the resistor refers to the colored ring band on the resistor, which is used to identify the resistance and accuracy of the resistor. The 500 ohm resistor is represented by a four-color ring. The first color ring is green, the second color ring is black, and the third color The ring is brown, the fourth color ring is gold, and the color of the 500 ohm resistor color ring is green, black, brown and gold.

The color coding of a 500 ohm resistor depends on the tolerance of that resistor. Therefore, a 500 ohm resistor with a tolerance of ±5% has a color code of Green-Black-Brown-Gold. Therefore, a 500 ohm resistor with a tolerance of ±1% would have a color code of Green-Black-Black-Brown-Brown

What does the color ring on the resistor mean?

Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, and white represent 0 to 9 respectively. The first ring represents the first number, the second ring represents the second digit, and the third ring is the magnification of the following digits. How many zeros are there? For 100 euros, the first brown ring is 1, the second black ring is 0, and the third brown ring is plus one zero.Color ring resistors are common. Each different color ring represents a different meaning. There are two common color ring resistors, four-ring resistance and five-ring resistance.The first and second rings of the four-ring resistor represent the first and second effective values of the resistor's resistance respectively. The third ring represents the magnification, which is the number of zeros after the second effective value.The fourth ring represents the error in resistance.

First find the color ring that marks the error, and then arrange the color ring sequence: the most commonly used colors to indicate resistance error are gold, silver, and brown, especially the gold ring and silver ring, which are generally rarely used as the first ring of the resistance color ring. , so as long as there are gold rings and silver rings on the resistor, it can be basically determined that this is the last ring of the color ring resistor.The brown ring is often used as both an error ring and a significant figure ring, and often appears in the first ring and the last ring at the same time, making it difficult to identify who is the first ring.In practice, it can be judged according to the distance between the color rings. For example, for a resistor with five color rings, the distance between the fifth ring and the fourth ring is larger than the distance between the first ring and the second ring. It should be wider, based on which the order of the color circle can be determined.

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